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The Juice to waivers?

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They opened up two roster spots and the only reason to get rid of the 3 million and open a roster spot is if you are on the verge of adding someone that will cost comparably next season and you need the roster spot now.

Plus it's reported that there was some interest in him via trade and that wasn't taken, so add them both together and I think it points to a trade. It was also reported that there might be some movement by some of the Canes reporters on twitter. Waiting for the healthy scratch tonight to see if something is indeed going down or not.

Well they just gave Semin 35M. Ruutu's contract bumps him up to 5M next season. Skinner's extension kicks in next season also. Writing was on the wall for Jussi and we might as well waive him now since he really doesn't have a role anymore.

I buy that they tried to trade him but other teams would want us to pay some of his salary which is something JR doesn't want to do. As for scratches, as far as I know Bowman is the only forward scratched so I really dont think there's anything pointing to a trade.

Of course, he could clear and we could trade him for like a 6th.

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I actually like Jokinen on the roster for the rest of the season. I'd trade him next year since he will be a UFA the following year I believe. A team making playoff run next year would probably pony up something nice for Jokinen next year.

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He pretty much has to play, I'd be pissed if they scratched a 3 million dollar contract every night.

I'd reassign Bowman and roll like this...

Tlusty - E. Staal - Semin

Skinner - J. Staal - Ruutu

Jokinen - Nash - Dwyer

Hall - Brent - LaRose


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