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Been watching Patterson highlights

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5'11 185 pounds 4.5= 6'2 215 pounds 4.4. he can play WR and has the potential to dominate as a pass catcher. so since Richardson didnt even sniff 1 tech, why would you expect him to play it in the NFL? you are willing to look past Richardson flaws but not Patterson's, why?

Because Richardson's Versatility will be used more then Patterson's. We have a KR/PR now so he isn't needed there. We have enough RB getting hand offs so he won't be used much there. We have a lot players that can run reverses so he won't have that job all to himself. What we need is a WR and he hasn't proven to be elite or top 14 value in that.

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And again I'M not screaming we need Richardson like some of you are doing for Patterson. It's gotten to the point with some of you that Patterson or Austin is the only option at 14.

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