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More bad need for Carolina?

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The Hurricanes have now lost 6 straight, and 7 of the last 9.

We are now 6 pts back of the Jets for the division lead. (Albeit with 3 games in hand)

And, currently, we sit 3 pts back of the Rangrers for 8th place, with one game in hand.

The bad news... (per


The buzz we hear from a source is the trade is very close to done, Tampa gets the superstar goalie they crave and the rebuilding Sabres getting young power-fwd Brett Connolly in what would be another major trade in the Eastern Conference.. This deal from the Sabres standpoint is all but done barring a last minute hitch. More parts may also be added to this deal


How is this bad for us? Aside from two teams in the east making a trade that makes both teams better, both teams were already gaining ground on us in the standings.

Add to that, we still have 2 division games left with Tampa. We need to make a move soon, the teams below us are closing in and getting better. And, obviously, what we have is not enough.

*I know a lot of people don't particularly care for Incarcerated Bob, but he does have some pretty damn good sources within the NHL, fwiw.

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Honestly, minus bringing in a top 4 d-man, bringing somebody in does us no good. Our top 6 forwards are legit. Our bottom 6 are good, albeit, not great (hence, why they are 3rd/4th line skaters). D-man has been a revolving door due to injury for us. Goaltending could be better at times, but by no means terrible. Peters faced, what, 40 shots last night?

Personnel isn't so much the issue as the play itself needs to improve. It's either coaching, effort, design, chemistry, or a combination of some/all of those things.

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Honestly, minus bringing in a top 4 d-man

That is what I was referring to.

Our abysmal lack of defense is holding this team back so much. Injuries are only part of the problem.

Until we fix the defense, we are going nowhere fast.

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We need to fix defense, and special teams. No goalie will look good behind this unit, not even Brodeur.

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    • Not sure why people keep talking about Allen and a transition to DE. The guy isn't transitioning to DE in a 4-3. You might be able to plug him in at DE situationally like in goal line situations or 3rd and short, but he's not going to be a full time DE in a 4-3. He's a three technique DT in a 4-3. Think Short, Aaron Donald, Fletcher Cox etc.

    • Yeah but it's been one sided for a while now, teams have been stacking the box against us for what now? 3 years. 2015 we were able to make them pay for it but until our wr's not named KB and Olsen scare teams it will be this way

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    • I wonder if we might trade Funch to the Pats for a draft pick?