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G-man setting Chico up is preposterous. Please, Stop!

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So, if I have this correct, you are saying that Gettlemen is doing just enough to make it look like he is helping Rivera. When in all actuality, he is just waiting for Ron to fail, so Ron can be fired.

No big signings because Gettlemen is saving his prized resources for the coach he actually wants.

So, while playing hotsy totsy with the bottom of the roster looks good and all. It is all just a smokescreen covering up for a hidden agenda by Gettlemen. To not help Rivera so he fails, gets canned, and a new better/improved coach can be hired.

If that is correct? You go boy. Cuz that one is out there.

Who knows, Gettlemen may have his own guy in mind. But until Ron Fs up, Ron will be here.

Ron is on a trial period....Gettlemen would be a crappy GM if he wasn't trying to walk the line and have this team in a good position if he is ready to move on QUICKLY from Rivera. His coach may want completely new pieces. That is why it is best to wait out the bulk of Hurney's mess, do 1 yr deals in the mean time....do the best you can for Ron under conditions he may not be the guy.

ANYONE who thinks the new GM is all in on Ron being his coach from here on out.....is ignoring the Big Cats actions. Big Cats has already made it known Ron's seat is on fire.

Our "offseason" is being greatly overplayed.....we brought in one year band aids or low tier guys, lost our best CB.....and made painfully obvious cap moves the likes of Joe Person even knew had to be made.

GM is doing a fine job given the CONDITIONS he is in.....bad cap and a coach he is forced to endured or a season. Not complaining about what Gettlemen is doing. Doing all he can given where he found himself.

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An OC that doesn't call a "read option" on 3 out of 5 plays will help Rivera immensely.

Read option is a scapegoat.....OL was a joke. Williams couldn't get a yard often no matter how the play was called.....

Yeah, Chud went a tad overboard but the read option is a money option incorporated in.

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