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The art of building a htpc...

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So I have a thought issue for the computer builders here. I'm going to build a micro itx based htpc. I've got most of my ducks in a row with parts and what not (65 wt i3,amd 7750, Nice quiet power supply) but I'm had scratching about the motherboard.

I'm learning as I go here, but I'm not totally sure what to get. Size duh. H77 chip set, Ok. I know I want us 3.0. I I plan to have several storage drives, so I need the ports. I guess I'm not totally sure what else to look for in a mobo.

After reading comments on Newegg and such, I'm left meh. Most boards don't suck, some have issues. Any suggested brands?

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Got HTPC you don't need anything special, at all, so don't fret too much. Having enough storage is more important. I have a great setup right now and I use a Acer desktop from 4 years ago still. I recently put Windows 7 on it and bumped it to 4gb and it plays 1080p files flawlessly. I have the stock HDD in there and also a 1TB and a 1.5TB.

I don't use for TV tuning since I don't pay for cable, but I have access to newsgroups and download my shows/movies automatically when they are posted (usually 10-15 after air) with apps called Sickbeard and Couchpotato, which are free. The software I use is XBMC (the actual software that you just to navigate to movies and tv shows, etc). It'll download all the meta info automatically (actors, description, art, fan art, etc). I use a remote I bought for like $20 bucks called Streamzap (with a USB IR adapter it comes with), but you can get cool Logitech remotes etc but mine does all it needs to do.

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you probably didn't need the 7750 unless you plan on gaming on it. most mobos come with built in video now. just load up on storage when there's a good deal running, again nothing special. there should be some good guides out there too.

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