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Nolan Nawrocki at it again.

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I think this thread has run its course.

I care not to hear this baffoons name spoken anymore.

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    • The other guy in that pic is Khary Darlington, one of the team's top scouts.
    • Interesting comp with Ogbuehi. Gettleman really liked that guy and was seriously bummed when he tore his ACL.
    • From 2012-2015 his passer rating went down every year, his TD per game went down every year, his yards per game went down every year. How exactly did his stats "stay in line" ? Please explain this  He actually had a more talented roster in 2013 and 14 than he did his first season.   If Dalton is trash than Kaepernick is 50 feet of chit below him. You are really crying about Dalton supporting cast? Do you want me to start riffing off the receivers Kaepernick had? What about the defense he had or the coach he had? Kaepernick had the most talented team in the league for 3 seasons and still had mediocre stats.   Kaepernick is not even a game manager at this point, and to bring him in you need to change your offensive play book which few teams are willing to do.   Your whole arguments reeks of "whitey holding Kaepernick down"