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Football Outsiders' State of the Panther's.

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#49 Promethean Forerunner

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Posted 16 April 2013 - 10:50 PM

He didn't sneeze on a referee, he got in a referee's face(making contact) and yelled at him for I don't know what(probably for not being liberal with roughing the passer flags?). He's very lucky he didn't get ejected and I wouldn't have had a problem if he did. He was miked up that game but NFL films didn't broadcast what he said, only his apology. Smith got ejected in 2005 just for touching a ref in a much calmer way(his words were probably just as harsh).

Newton has his fans and detractors just like any other QB around the league. I don't think the "media" as a whole really has a problem with him anymore. Particular pundits maybe, but not the entire media. He's been in the league 2 years and played at a high level. Continuing this persecution complex is silly.

The ref didn't eject Cam because it's called 'momentum', and Cam had every right to be pissed and frustrated. He took two late hits (one directed at his knees) and the refs didn't look his way, yet Hardy and Kuechly got flagged for 'roughing the passer' after making legal tackles.

Look, I don't know what your stance is but you seem to be downgrading the criticism over Newton. I loath being this guy but ESPN and NFL Network were waiting for Cam to struggle and tell the world: "See? We were right. Cam isn't a franchise QB. 2011 was a fluke."

You had Tedy Bruschi and Trey Wingo read PFW's scouting report on the air, Colin Cowherd go on a five minute rant on why Cam is the NFL's biggest diva and overhyped QB, Skip Bayless labeling him the next Vince Young, Gregg Rosenthal writing an article about his 'antics' at the Pro Bowl (10 months later...), Polian citing that Cam was jealous of RG3 and thats why he struggled, etc.

Every star has his detractors, but come on. You're telling me Cam hasn't received extra attention from these pundits? That's lunacy.

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Posted 17 April 2013 - 11:09 AM

While you're both right, cam absolutely deserved that flag. Of course skip and the other morons were salivating at the mouth when they saw it happen, but who the hell takes them seriously anymore?

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Posted 17 April 2013 - 12:44 PM

The funny thing about this article is the secondary. It lacks any quality players aside from Godfrey and Munnerlyn but I like Thomas and think he could be a solid #2 corner. Gettlemen added some depth in free agency which will allow for much needed competition. As many have said, with our pass rush we don't need superstars in the secondary. Would it help the total defensive effort? Of course, but it's not a priority. With that said I do believe they will use an early pick on a defensive back, either a safety or a corner (I'm leaning towards a safety but would rather see a corner). We HAVE to address defensive tackle as well though. I'd love to trade back a little pick up a Corner, Wideout, and defensive tackle with the first three picks and then get someone like Shamarko Thomas, Duke Williams, or Earl Wolfe in the fourth/fifth. Grab an offensive linemen and a linebacker with the last two picks and call it a day.