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Skinner Injured On Hit

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Link: http://www.nhl.com/i...id=nhl:topheads

I know a lot of people don't share the same view as I do; but I personally think it was a dirty hit.

Reason's why...

First, the head is the clear point of contact. Some argue the height difference causes it to be the point of contact, but no where in the rule book does it mention height being a factor to determine if the hit is dirty or not when the head is the primary point of contact.

Secondly, Cowen crouches into the hit. Some are using the argument that Cowen is crouching to avoid the head, I personally think it's the opposite. If Cowen doesn't crouch and runs straight into Skinner then the size difference tells me that Skinner's head will still be about an inch below Cowen's shoulder/forearm making the body the primary point of contact.

Thirdly, people are using the argument that Skinner's head should be up. My argument is that he is receiving a "hospital pass" from LaRose and is beginning to lift his head/turn it around when Cowen hits him. No one on the face of the planet has good enough reflexes to turn their head around and simultaneously lift it up to avoid that hit.

Finally, Cowen finished of the dirty hit by putting his forearm into Skinner's head, I still don't see how someone could argue that it was a clean hit when a players forearm is clearly seen going into another players head.

On a different note, I place some of the blame on LaRose for the hospital pass but I also commend him for taking some of the blame and standing up for not only Skinner but also himself.

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Not going to do well for his confidence... or maybe this will show him that he can take a hit again and be ok idk

looked a bit dirty but not that bad that any trouble or fine should come from it.

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I think the more telling fact that its a dirty hit, is Cowen's skates leave the ice, as if he was launching into Skinners head.

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