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Playoff toy

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DISCLAIMER: I know that picking games before the teams are even set is STUPID.

That said its a way to waste 30 mins.

Lets you pick this upcoming years games and see how the playoffs line up.

from the author:

It's fairly beta, but it's usable right now. (Or until the server melts. Which it might.) Ugly pink header while it's beta-ish.

Written for Firefox. Tested in Chrome. Hopefully works in IE.


  • To change weeks: Click a numbered button on the top of the page.
  • To see a team's schedule: Click on the team in the standings.
  • To pick games: Click a logo. Click again to undo.
  • To pick a tie: Click the = between logos.


  • Rankings update automatically.
  • Tie breakers implemented all the way to Strength of Schedule.
  • Tie breakers tested vs. 2012 season: passed 100%, including the complicated three way CAR-NO-TB tie that went all the way to common games.
  • To save, copy the URL at the bottom of the page.
  • To share, copy the URL, send URL to your friends/relative/cat.
  • Rudimentary cookie-based saving, too. (For best results, copy the URL at the bottom.)

Known issues:

-- HTML is fairly giant-freaky-large-huge-humongous. Just realized that one. Needs a rewrite.

-- Giants logo isn't as good as the other ones. Couldn't find one that looks good on both dark and light backgrounds.

-- NFL tiebreakers assume all 256 games have been played. Tie-breakers may behave oddly with many unpicked games. (E.g., 1-0 division record beats a 0-0 division record.)

-- Tiebreakers may act REALLY weird when just a few games are picked. Pick more games, things will settle down.

-- No point-based tiebreakers; "coin flip" is actually "pick the abbreviation comes first alphabetically". Should not matter in over 99% of cases. (Tying conference AND common games AND Strength of Victory AND Strength of Schedule is extremely unlikely.)

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interesting little exercise/waste of time.

i think it's a link to what i came up with.

we finished better than i thought. kc is looking really good. zona and the jets and jaxville are going to suck. afcn sucks aside from the pats.

conclusions probably aren't all that realistic ,but whatever.

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