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NBA Playoffs Rd 1: (3) Denver Nuggets vs. (6) Golden State Warriors

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Denver Nuggets
    • Golden State Warriors

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[3] Denver Nuggets (57-25)


PG-#3 Ty Lawson

UNC '09

5'11 195 lbs

16.7 PPG 2.7 RPG 6.9 APG 36.6 3PT%


SG-#9 Andre Iguodala

Arizona '04

6'6 207 lbs

13.0 PPG 5.3 RPG 5.4 APG


SF-#21 Wilson Chandler

DePaul '07

6'8 225 lbs

13.0 PPG 5.1 RPG 1.3 APG 41.3 3PT%


PF-#35 Kenneth "Manimal" Faried

Morehead State '11

6'8 228 lbs

11.5 PPG 9.2 RPG 1.0 BPG 55.5 FG%


C-#41 Kosta Koufos

Ohio State '08

7'0 265 lbs

8.0 PPG 6.9 RPG 1.3 BPG 58.1 FG%


PG-#24 Andre Miller

SG-#94 Even Fournier

SF-#13 Corey Brewer

SF-#1 Jordan Hamilton

C-#34 Javale McGee



George Karl

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[6] Golden State Warriors (47-35)


PG-#30 Steph Curry

Davidson '09

6'3 185 lbs

22.9 PPG 4.0 RPG 6.9 APG 45.3 3PT%


SG-#11 Klay Thompson

Washington State '11

6'7 205 lbs

16.6 PPG 3.7 RPG 2.2 APG


SF-#40 Harrison Barnes

UNC '12

6'8 210 lbs

9.2 PPG 4.1 RPG 1.2 APG 35.9 3PT%


PF-#7 Carl Landry

Purude '07

6'9 248 lbs

10.8 PPG 6.0 RPG 54.0 FG%


C-#12 Andrew Bogut

Utah '05

7'0 260 lbs

5.8 PPG 7.7 RPG 2.1 APG 1.7 BPG


PG-#2 Jarrett Jack

SG-#4 Brandon Rush

SF-#44 Richard Jefferson

SF-#23 Draymond Green

C-#31 Festus Ezeli

C-#15 Andris Biedrins



Mark Jackson


The Warriors make their first playoff appearance in several years this season. Mark Jackson has them back in the dance. Although I think they have a nice young nucleus of players (led by future All-Star Steph Curry), I dont believe they play playoff basketball. The Warriors' defensive efforts are lackluster, although they can score with anybody. It is for that reason I don't give em much of a chance to win this one over a balanced Nuggets team. Golden State will steal 1 game, then bow out in 5.

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Could be an interesting series, but I see the Nuggets winning this in six.

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Two teams that really get up and down the court at a fast pace. It should be an entertaining series to watch, but I believe that the Nuggets will just have a bit more fire power.

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Didn't watch the game but saw HB dropped 8. Lol.

Predicting a 30 pt game from him this series.

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Ty Lawson IMHO is the best UNC player in the NBA. Green is a close second.

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I picked golden state not because I really think they will win but a lower seed will win at least one series this round and I don't feel confident about Denver for some reason i can't put into words.

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David Lee Out For Season With Torn Hip Flexor

David Lee tore his right hip flexor in Saturday's loss by the Golden State Warriors to the Denver Nuggets and is out for the season.

While x-rays on Saturday were negative, an MRI on Sunday revealed the complete Grade 3 tear.

Lee was playing his first game in the NBA Playoffs after being in the league since 2005.

The Warriors are in their first postseason since 2007 and trail the Nuggets 1-0.

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Its gotta suck to go 8 years before you get in your first playoff game, and then get hurt in your first one and miss the rest of the playoffs. I updated the Warriors new starting lineup.

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Luckily for the Warriors Carl Landry is a very good backup. It's still a major blow, however.

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