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Mother of Tsarnaev claims FBI knew of terror connections

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I'm not sure who you are railing at here... you can find it insulting if you want that people blame radical islam, but there are a boatload of facts out there that indicate that it played a major role. sure, maybe it wasn't the only thing, maybe they were making a political statement or just unhappy with taxes or with people running I don't know but it seems the most likely reason at this point is the older brother's connection to radical Islam, especially considering all the information coming out about how the older brother acted following his return from Russia etc.

but blaming radical islam is not the same as blaming islam, it's not the same as saying these people are robots etc... I don't blame Christianity as a whole whenever the WBC does something shitty, nor do I think just any Christian is going to become radicalized and turn into a lunatic hatemonger. yet it happens, and there are certainly reasons why it happens, and pretending that religion plays no role in the behaviors of religious extremists is really pointless, though obviously blaming the entire religion for the actions of the extremists isn't very smart, either.

edit: I should note, I don't watch cable news so if people there are just blaming Muslims in general and poo, I understand your frustration totally.

Yeah, maybe I wasn't being clear enough. My fault... I'm not railing against anyone, except maybe mainstream media. And I definitely don't sympathize with any idiot who isn't autonomous enough to not be brainwashed into radical fringes of religion.

My point was, when this happened, even before they (mainstream media) knew the culprits' names, they immediately started using words like "radicalized" and "jihad." They were coloring the picture before the lines even were drawn in. Now again, in the big brother's situation, he apparently was influenced by radical Islam, but as far as the younger brother, he didn't even seem to be a devout practicing Muslim. But, when watching CNN, MSNBC, and especially Fox News, every report was taking that slant. My point is, there is a media bias when it comes to these things and it skews the reporting away from real facts... There obviously was something else at play here considering the younger brother hadn't been overseas, nor did he appear to be a devout Muslim.

I'm just saying while there is radical fringes of Islam, I don't believe every time we're attacked that we should automatically assume it's due to those. In many cases, sure, it's plausible. But, to play that card before the facts are out is dangerous and irresponsible, and often leads to constructing or reinforcing biases in society as a whole. And while yes, the older brother appears to be an idiot who bought into radical crap, the younger brother did not, that we know of. So there is more to the story than just "America hating jihadists" and that's what I would like to get to the root of without all of the theatrics the mainstream media employ.

And if radical Islam is to blame as a whole for these events, then let's get to the root of why, instead of dumbing it down and leaving it at that. What would make kids who were making successful lives for themselves in America do something like this? Why would they look to radical Islam? They weren't going to get the opportunities that they were getting here over in Chechnya or any other Caucasus countries, so why would they give themselves over to such idiotic ideologies?

That should be the discussion.

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not sure I understand, I don't blame GW personally for any terror attacks, though I may not agree with some of his actions made in the name of global protection following 9/11, I don't think he had any role in allowing it to happen.

Too young to remember or was not paying attantion. That's ok.

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