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Bob McGinn rating NFL draft prospects

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Posted 23 April 2013 - 12:34 PM


4. ARTHUR BROWN, Kansas State (6-0½, 236, 4.67, 2) - Backed up at Miami for two seasons before transferring. "Something about him reminds me of Ray Lewis when Ray Lewis was at Miami," one scout said. "He's wired the right way. Solid hitter. He's instinctive, he runs to the ball and he plays with tremendous football speed. He's got will to win. Very smart (Wonderlic of 20)." Started 26 of 50 games, finishing with 218 tackles (17 for loss), three sacks and seven "big" plays. "They just rave about him as a person," another scout said. "Defensive leader, two-time co-captain. He's a full-time linebacker." His brother, Bryce, rushed for 564 yards as a Philadelphia Eagles rookie in '12. From Wichita, Kan. "He just has really struggled keeping the weight on all four years," a third scout said. "He's going to play in the 220s. He's at a beefed-up size now. He's just small and not a great player."

2. BARKEVIOUS MINGO, Louisiana State (6-4½, 237, 4.57, 1) - Fourth-year junior. "Freakish athlete," one scout said. "Unbelievable first-step quickness. Very, very dangerous on the move on twists, stunts, games. He needs to get stronger at the point. Destroys tight ends. Just plays a little high at times, and his production kind of comes and goes. Great kid." Despite his size, he played generally with his hand down. "He is non-stop," another scout said. "You'd have to shoot him to stop him. He does not rush the passer like Jarvis (Jones). He runs down the middle (of blockers) too much. But you can knock him down and he's back up like a ball. He goes 100% every play." Finished with 119 tackles (29 for loss), 15 sacks and seven "big" plays in 40 games (just 15 starts). From West Monroe, La. "He's kind of a narrow-waisted, V-shaped body," a third scout said. "He's not going to be 255 or 260. He's an outside backer. The comparison I'd make would be Kamerion Wimbley. This kid didn't make a ton of plays. He was close but no cigar a lot of times. That will be him a little bit in the NFL initially."

7. GERALD HODGES, Penn State (6-1, 236, 4.73, 3) - Shifted from safety to LB in 2009 and went on to start 26 of 46 games. "He's like NaVorro Bowman," one scout said. "People didn't like NaVorro Bowman. This guy is instinctive and can play in space. He just needs to tackle a little bit stronger. He tackles now, but at times he gets dragged. He covers well. Runs easy. Can rush the passer." Finished with 249 tackles (21 for loss), 5½ sacks and five "big" plays. "I wanted him to be better in coverage for a guy that came as a safety," another scout said. "Wouldn't mind having the guy in a rotation. He's athletic enough to be a 'will' and strong enough to be a 'sam.' " From Paulsboro, N.J.

9. ZAVIAR GOODEN, Missouri (6-1½, 228, 4.49, 3-4) - Another converted safety. "He probably ran the fastest of all the linebackers at the combine, and he was bigger than we thought, too," said one scout. "He's a 'will' in a 4-3. He doesn't take on. Not as good production as (Tampa Bay's) Lavonte David, but he's just as good athletically if not better." Started 36 of 49 games on the weak side, finishing with 256 tackles (20½ for loss), four sacks and 12 "big" plays. "He's a special-teamer," a third scout said. "A run-like-a-deer, no-instincts guy." Paced leading OLBs on the Wonderlic with 25. Home is Pflugerville, Texas.


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Posted 23 April 2013 - 12:37 PM

since we worked out Nassib

4. RYAN NASSIB, Syracuse (6-2, 228, 4.98, 2-3) - Led the leading QBs on the Wonderlic with 41. "Smartest guy we've interviewed in a long, long time," one scout said. "He knocked it out of the park. He has a better arm and delivery than Barkley. He reminds me of Matt Schaub a lot. Smart and efficient. Boots, waggles, play-action. He can't run. He won't beat you scrambling." Compiled a 21-17 record for the heretofore lowly Orange and a passer rating of 90.4. "He really improved during the year," another scout said. "Thing that bothers me, he seems to throw a heavy ball. He throws with the same touch no matter what the route is. I like the arm strength and decision-making. Decent athlete." Hails from West Chester, Pa. "He's a by-the-numbers guy," a third scout said. "If the first thing isn't open and there's pressure, he panics. For a guy who is as smart as he is, that has as much character, he is what I call panicky. He won't panic into a turnover; I'll give him credit that way. Fantastic kid, which I think people are letting trump his ability. He's a slow-footed guy. OK arm. It's not even like your second-tier NFL arms."


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Posted 23 April 2013 - 07:43 PM

Those DT remarks make me nervous.

with the exception of star, every DT I've paid attention to this year has me thinking hit or miss or just inconsistent. no one has completely won me over. i think the class very solid, but there's not one that you aren't taking a chance on.

of course that could be said for pretty much any position in this draft except maybe OL.

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Posted 23 April 2013 - 08:28 PM

This is just really not that great of a draft pool this season.

I hope we go with one of the boom or bust guys because the ones that do in fact boom are gonna be the one's we wish we took a gamble on. It seems the "safe" picks in this draft are not of the usual caliber other than 3 linemen imo.

I'll go out on a limb and say there is a limited drop from pick 5 all the way to 40.

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Posted 23 April 2013 - 10:49 PM

geno smith and matt scott.

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Posted 24 April 2013 - 09:12 AM


8. BLIDI WREH-WILSON, Connecticut (6-1, 195, 4.48, 2) - Three-year starter. "Good speed for his size," one scout said. "He's a little tight but still a pretty good athlete. You want the guy to be more physical for a big guy. It's just kind of not who he is. But he's a dependable, good, solid cover performer in man and zone. Great kid. Professional. It would not shock me if somebody at the bottom of the first (round) took him." Wonderlic of 33. His father is a philosophy professor. "He's a little leggy," another scout said. "Decent arm length (32). Strictly an outside guy." Posted eight picks and 27 PBUs in 45 games (40 starts). From Edinboro, Pa.

10. SANDERS COMMINGS, Georgia (6-0½, 216, 4.48, 2-3) - Started 35 of 54 games. "You have to limit what he does," one scout said. "Really smart (Wonderlic of 22), really long. Strong (23 reps on the bench). But (playing) off he'll struggle because he's kind of stiff." Arrested for domestic violence/simple battery in 2012, was suspended for two games and was placed on probation for a year. "He's like Rhodes," another scout said. "He's a big guy and plays the boundary a lot. Probably be a free safety. Pretty good player." Finished with eight picks and 17 PBUs. Exceptional baseball centerfielder out of Augusta, Ga. "He's too big to play corner," a third scout said. "He's more suited for strong safety."
1. KENNY VACCARO, Texas (6-0, 211, 4.61, 1-2) - Two-year starter. "Different than most Texas guys," one scout said. "He's tough and physical. He will hit you and he's got cover ability. He doesn't run real great." Often moved down and covered slot receivers. "They matched him up against (West Virginia's) Tavon Austin and he did all right," another scout said. "He plays 4.55. You'd have to twist my arm to take him in the first." Has been arrested twice for various altercations. "He's just got a little edge to him," the scout said. "He's got a temper. But he's not a bad kid. Real smart (22 on the Wonderlic). He can run a secondary, but he's not as smart as (Eric) Reid." Finished with 264 tackles (16 for loss) and five picks in 51 games (32 starts). Grew up in Brownwood, Texas, and didn't always run with the best friends. "He's not a natural cover guy," a third scout said. "I don't see him make plays. Alert and aggressive. Adequate break on the ball. He's best as a center-field type so he can come down and cover the slot."

3. MATT ELAM, Florida (5-10, 208, 4.50, 1-2) - Third-year junior compared by one admiring scout to Bob Sanders, Earl Thomas and Eric Berry. "He'll knock your (expletive) in the ground," another scout said. "He's a Bob Sanders type dude, that's who this guy is. Very tightly wound and explosive, but a good tackler. Takes very good angles. First round is a stretch for me because of height and he's so tight wound." Scored 19 on the Wonderlic. "I'm worried about him," said a third scout. "He's really a little guy and doesn't run very good. He just launches himself at everybody. He misses a ton of tackles. Everybody talks about how he fits, which he does, but he misses as many as he hits. You're just not going to have a 5-9 guy cover a big tight end or kill the guy." Started 26 of 39 games, finishing with 176 tackles (24 for loss) and six picks. Comes from a rough background in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Older brother Abram has been an NFL safety since '06. Reminded one scout of former Cowboy Thomas Everett. "He got taken advantage of a little bit in a game because of the length," a fourth scout said. "In the second round I think you have one. He'll make everybody else excited about getting to the ball. He'll be a pretty good player. Wish he were taller."

4. JONATHAN CYPRIEN, Florida International (6-0½, 208, 4.64, 1-2) - Started since mid-2009. "He'll never run fast, but he is a good football player," said one scout. "Smart football player. Real instinctive. Good athlete. Very good ball skills. Had one really bad game against Akron and played great the rest of the way. He'll be one of the best special-teams players you got." Finished with 365 tackles (13½) for loss and seven picks. "He's really raw with his angles," a second scout said. "He guesses a lot right now. But he's a big guy and plays hard." Out of North Miami Beach, Fla. "He looked good in the Senior Bowl, but he can't cover," a third scout said. "He is a big-time hitter. He's tight and didn't cover well down there."

5. PHILLIP THOMAS, Fresno State (6-0½, 209, 4.62, 2-3) - Intercepted 13 passes in 39 games (24 starts), including an NCAA-leading eight in 2012. "He's got the best ball skills of the group," one scout said. "He's smart enough. If you exclude the Oregon game he tackles. He needs to improve his angles. He's very athletic. He's a fine football player." Had 178 tackles (17 for loss). Returned four of his picks for TDs. "I didn't drink the Kool-Aid on him," another scout said. "I know he's got a bunch of interceptions, but I think he's a mid-round type." Injury history concerns at least one team. From Bakersfield, Calif.




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Posted 24 April 2013 - 12:51 PM

It sounds like if we were going the route we did last year when we took Keek, we would take Tyler Eifert this year. Safe pick, gonna be a great player, no holes in his game, somewhat feels a need but not a direct need. I would not mind going that route again honestly

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