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HELP: Tiger Woods PGA Tour Using Playstation Move Controller

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So, I had played a version of TWPT a few years back on PS3, but that was before the Move system came out. So, now I bought '13 the other day and I am using the Move controller for it... I am absolutely awesome on drives, but I'm having A LOT OF difficulty with the putting. I have ended up taking 10+ shots once I reach the green because it feels so awkward.

I'm trying to figure out if you twist the controller in your hand before you make contact with the ball if it actually aims in the direction you twisted it. It's hard to tell because once you pull back to putt, the arrow on the HUD goes back to straight. I need to know if it has any effect because I'm trying to aim in order to compensate for the anticipated break on the green.

Example - If I look at the putt preview and the current line holds straight for about 20 ft on a 30 ft putt and then breaks to the left of the hole, I try to aim slightly to the right. It doesn't seem to make a difference.

Anyone more experienced with the game and Playstation Move controllers have any tips?

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I believe that the only thing the move controller does is back swing and follow through. I think you still have to aim the putt seperately before your swing.

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