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BlackManisGod's Mock Draft

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14. Xavier Rhodes


Assuming Jets grab Kenny Vaccaro with the 13th pick and Austin and Star are off the board...I believe we go corner back to replace Gamble with another no1 type corner.

44. Kawann Short


Some say his motor lacks at times, but I believe with great leadership surrounding him he can play inspired football. Has a quick burst for a big man with GREAT hands used to shed blocker something Fua struggles dearly with.

Round 4

Da'Rick Rogers


We need WR's that can score after the catch, WR's that can make circus catches and grab a few of CAMS crazy high cheese fastballs....This is the guy and yes we take chances now....even cam was arrested...and honestly no one is actually super clean these days and Gettlemen needs scorers besides smitty and cam.

Round 5

Chris Faulk, OT LSU we need quality tackles on the our depth chart and even though he was hurt last year he should be fully recovered and ready to go

Round 6


Devonte Holloman LB

A gamecock and nice to have Linebacker Depth behind injury prone starters

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In the scenario you described, I'd like this draft. Though I wouldn't want Vaccaro even if he was available.

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My question with Rhodes is whether he fits our scheme but I'll live with it as this draft really sucks.

Rather take one of the NT instead of Short but meh, I could also live with this.

Da'Rick in the 4th?? I would jizz pure joy but I give that a 0.0000000001% chance he falls that far.

Rather take a K over a LB.

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would not be disappointed with the first two picks. would be ecstatic with Da'rick in the 4th....don't think that is happening though.

would rather take a safety late over a LB

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I don't think Rogers is going to be there in the fourth, and I like Xavier Nixon better than Faulk for a developmental OT but that's really splitting hairs. I would rather move down then take someone at 14, just not in love with anybody who is likely to be on the board there....

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