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Kevin Greene

Ted Nugent: "Time to stretch neck of jihadist punk "

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This is the same as when white people get fingered as if they are all racist because of groups like the kkk. Unfortunately, terrorists have tied themselves to a religion, and now muslims are guilty by association. hence the word "jihadist." It is a way to recognize the enemy without generalizing the entire religion. But terrorist should not be able to hide behind these people, yet they do. Same can be said for citizenship. Dharkov should've had his citizenship revoked the second he entered custody on terrorism charges. Plain and simple. And I'd say the same if clan members ever pulled off a terrorist attack against thier own countrymen.

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TBQH I'm waiting for Toby Keith to "put a boot in his ass" since apparently that's "the American Way"

But yeah, Ted needs to STFU with his bloodthirst... Let the justice process play out, even if it is a little too slow for most people's liking (myself included)...

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gosh some idiot musician has a controversial opinion. lets all wad our panties up and stuff them in our twats and walk around like we have a dick in our assholes

I thought it an interesting experiment.

I posted this meaningless thread of an opinion by a gun nut.


Meanwhile the thread I posted at the same time on new taxes being pushed through at whirlwind pace in DC.


But more taxes are always good.

The bill would basically level the playing field for online and brick-and-mortar retailers, charging customers sales tax on purchases both online and in stores (find your state's sales tax rate here).

Small businessicon1.png proponents hate the bill and taxpayer advocates say it would just give state and local governments another way to dip their hands into our pockets –– to the tune of $23 billion per year.

But forget the politics for a minute. What's a national Internet sales tax going to mean for your wallet?

From a shopper's point of view, an Internet sales tax would be more of a nuisance than a total disaster. For the most part, lots of online retailers already charge sales tax anyway, including heavyweights like Groupon, Amazon (for 38% of customers) and BestBuy.com.

The Elephant in the room, eBay, has been lobbying hard against the new tax, but that's mostly because of the damage it could do to small businesses that utilize the site.

Read more: http://www.businessi...4#ixzz2RmOARNeA

Ah the Tinderbox.

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Nugent is full of poo. The bastard should be fedexed to gitmo for 30-40 years of water board action. Only then should he be hung and burried with a rotten pig carcus.

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