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Canes Recall Jared Staal from Charlotte

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The Carolina Hurricanes have recalled Jared Staal from the Checkers, Jared is set to make his NHL debut tomorrow against the New York Rangers.

[size=4][quote][/size][url=""]Carolina Hurricanes ‏[s]@[/s]NHLCanes[/url]
NEWS: [url=""][s]#[/s]Canes[/url] to recall Jared Staal from [url=""][s]@[/s]CheckersHockey[/url]: [url=""][/url][size=4][/quote][/size]
[size=4][quote][/size][url=""]Mike Sundheim ‏[s]@[/s]MikeSundheim[/url]
Per [url=""][s]@[/s]EliasSports[/url], the Staals will be the 4th trio of brothers to play for the same team in the same season in NHL history.[size=4][/quote][/size]
[size=4][quote][/size][url=""]Michael Smith ‏[s]@[/s]MSmithCanes[/url]
[url=""][s]#[/s]Canes[/url] head coach Kirk Muller says Jared Staal will likely play on a line with Jordan Staal.[size=4][/quote][/size]
[size=4][quote][/size][url=""]Chip Alexander ‏[s]@[/s]ice_chip[/url]
Eric Staal jokingly said maybe Marc Staal could dress for pregame and all 4 Staals can be on ice.[size=4][/quote][/size]
[size=4][quote][/size][url=""]Chip Alexander ‏[s]@[/s]ice_chip[/url]
Eric Staal on Jared making NHL debut and being third Staal on roster: "The more the merrier."[size=4][/quote][/size]
[size=4][quote][/size][url=""]Michael Smith ‏[s]@[/s]MSmithCanes[/url]
Eric Staal said he's pretty sure his parents will be here tomorrow for the [url=""][s]#[/s]AllStaalEverything[/url] extravaganza.[size=4][/quote][/size]
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