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Game 47: AllStaalEverything vs. New York Rangers

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Obviously we are out of the playoff picture, but nonetheless this is a cool moment for the Canes and the Staal family.

This will be the first time that all four Staal's (and their parents) are all in an NHL arena together. This also marks the fourth time that three siblings have suited up for the same NHL team.

Jared Staal was called up yesterday and will make his NHL debut tonight on the wing of older brother Jordan Staal.

Even more impressive is that Jared is trading no. 34 for no. 13 to set up a possible line of...

Jordan Staal (11) - Eric Staal (12) - Jared Staal (13)

Unfortunatley, Marc Staal is still feeling the effects of taking that puck to the eye and will not participate in the game tonight.

However, this will still be a monumental moment for the Canes, the NHL, and the Staal family.

With that said, Go Canes!!!

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Completely pointless but I love that they did this. It will likely never happen again as the youngest Staal has somewhat sucked at the AHL level.

But you gotta love the Staal brothers.

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