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Staal Nominated For King Clancy (By Team)

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    • Did you vote for anyone in the last election? Senate? House of Reps? State senator or representative? Governor's race? County Commission? City council? Board of Education? Insurance commissioner? Bond referendum? State judges? I mean, this last election, nationwide, had candidates and races from the bottom to the top, being one of those years when just about every office was up for grabs at every level. Sure, you can take a pass on president, I can see that, I really can and can really empathize. But to not go in and cast a ballot at all?
    • I don't think it's up to me. Things will change when the poor, and working class finally get fed up. The government would rather have them yammering amongst themselves about random poo like transsexuals in bathrooms than waking up and actually looking at the legislation they're passing. Voting alone in no way is going to change what ails this country. You can't expect one vote to change a corrupt system. That's what I've been trying to get through to you. But you keep droning on about how sacred voting is like that actually still means something. You're playing checkers, and the elite of this country that run things are playing chess.