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What did you see to support the claim our secondary improved over the course of last season?

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He played the role of a 3rd down RB.....not a scat back.  He also only saw consistant success as a goalline runner.


Kuhn plays some 3rd downs for GB.  He isn't being a scat back.

 and what down does a scat backs normally play on? Kuhn played the same role because they had no one to play that role, which i think Armond Smith could have played here in Carolina. again i never said Tolbert was a scat back, but played the role as one.

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Our DBs were crap last year for the entire year, our defensive line got better, and now it's even better over last year, our DB's IMO are still crap with only one starter quality player and he's nothing special

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You have refuted every attempted explanation at seeing improvement. So I would expect you to dismiss this one as well.


You have refuted every opinion given. What is it you want to hear? We, the ones who saw improvement, did just that. Saw improvement. Ii is not a measurable stat you can refute. Take it for what it is worth.


No almost in there. No need to lie. You said I refuted every attempt, don't pretend you said almost. You were wrong, accept it and move on.


No there haven't been plenty stats given to show improvement during the season. I'm the only one who provided stats for the season so you still have no idea what you are talking about. And when there was insight that actually stated how they improved I thanked the person for their info.

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