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Football Gameplan's 2013 NFL Draft Grades - Carolina Panthers

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fieryprophet    6,860

I think the Panthers plan on moving Godfrey to FS, although how he'll fit there will be interesting. A B- in a draft with only five picks sounds good to me.

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FootballCzar    464

As always Thanks Gang! I truly appreciate the respect you guys show me and my opinions..no matter whether wrong or right! I'm all about football and being fair & balanced in covering/analyzing it

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Achilles    122

Love the Czar's hustle. I thought he would knock Gettleman and Rivera for the G we picked up from Valdosta St. Everything I've read says it was a huge reach. I'm not that concerned about the WR spot and I still think LaFell is a decent pass catcher. The DBs are a concern but we have a lot of young talent that didn't seem to keep us from winning late last season. With only 5 picks and 2 of them home runs, I'd give us more like a solid B or even a B+ considering we just shored up the DT spot for the next 3 years at minimum.

The LB and RB we got in the late rounds should pay dividends this season on special teams as well.

Not a flashy draft, but an effective one.

Thanks Czar!

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rayzor    10,653

good job as usual, but just to echo what others have said, godfrey got the move from SS to FS where he's much better suited.


the need was SS and i think that lester actually might be the guy we needed although mike mitchell that we just picked up in FA a couple weeks ago might be that guy as well.


you are right, tho, that S and WR are areas that needed help. we've gotten some, but i don't think it's enough. i still think the draft was just plain good, tho.

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