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"Carolina Panthers going nowhere with Ron Rivera, Cam Newton"

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I love this time of year in the NFL, just after the draft. It's filled with hope, promise and the dawn of a new day as teams prepare for the coming season.

There's just this problem I can't get past when it comes to Cam Newton, Ron Rivera and this year's Carolina Panthers.

I don't think they have a chance.

They don't have a chance for anything.I think the Panthers enter the 2013 season as the worst team in the NFC South. They finished last season at 7-9, tied in the division standings with the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But both of those clubs made improvements. While I liked the Panthers' haul in the 2013 NFL Draft, where did Carolina get noticeably better? Honestly, the Panthers could be one of the four worst teams in the NFC. Consequently, I expect this season to be Rivera's last at the helm in Carolina


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Anyone who thinks that Cam Newton is one of the main problems of the Carolina Panthers simply doesn't have an opinion that is worthy of reading.


The problem with the media is that they're all about clicks and attention.  The Panthers are a small market team and the only real way to get national interest out of us right now is trying to tear down Cam Newton.


There's one way to fix that - WIN.

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Things are never as good as they seem and things are never as bad as they seem. Somewhere in the middle reality falls. Adam Schein is at the extreme pessimist end of the spectrum and the Huddle is towards that extreme optimist side of the spectrum. In reality we are a 7 to 9 win team when you look at our schedule. We are still a year away. If I'm wrong I will eat crow.

At least he said he liked Panther fans.

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Adam Schein going nowhere as a journalist, suckles at teat of cam's swag.

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