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Da'Rick Rogers gets no second chances per Marrone

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I read somewhere that he is a horrible teammate and hard to coach. That probably played a big role as well. 

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    • The most important thing to realize is health, fitness and diet is a lifestyle not a fad. It's not a crash course that you can do once for the test of your life. Once you realize the effect of what you put in your body has on your day to day life, it's hard to go back.

      You have more energy and confidence, especially if working out at the same time.

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    • I watch Streams of it, don't think I'd like playing though, fun to watch.    NES game was straight trash but also was fun at same time lol I remember renting it at local video store.
    • Using my one superhero power, procrastination, I am capable of predicting with 100% certainty that BWood's new Huddle name will be... ImTotallyNotBWood.