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Steve Smith - Rules and Regulations

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He has made a career off of owning the Vikings, whether we win the game or not.

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I willingly acknowledge Steve Smith could slap my mama and I probably wouldn't care..  okay, he could eat half my sandwich she made, throw it in her face (paper bag and all), and I still wouldn't care..


however, it is slightly interesting to watch people argue with CRA against a legitimate argument and call him crazy.  It's not like every year Smitty doesn't say something to put his foot in his mouth, when he's not punching teammates, breaking a bone playing flag football...  whatever it is..  


the guy is my favorite football player ever, and I don't know how anyone could ever watch him play without getting as excited about that one catch as he is about every catch..  or when he talks poo to DBs after getting lit up making an incredible catch... 


but the dude has a screw loose, obviously..  and although he is a great parent and great in the community, he is who he is on the field and off of it.  no one should really apologize for it, just accept it and enjoy the ride.  

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Rule #58 of the Rules and Regulations: When Smitty says you're garbage... You fuggin suck


(looking at you Mark Sanchez)

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