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Rivera: Panthers' new offense will be more of a collaberative effort

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What nonsense did he put us through?

Also, Rivera had a decent defensive roster from a starting perspective....most of his calls likely would have turned out better and appeared right

good decision making in running any kind of team/organization is playing to your strengths...not what you wished or hope your strengths were.


he should have known his players limitations. either he didn't realize it (which is bad from an eval. pov) or decided to ignore their limitations. neither of these two scenarios are good management.


the offense was a strength. the better players were on offense. he put the game in the weaker defensive players hands. that's not a good call, imo.


there's no way he comes out looking competant. he trusted the wrong players.


aside from that, tho, i really don't like at all the idea of giving the other team the opportunity to score when the game is close and time is running out. it's not safe thinking at all. the safest place for the ball to be when you have the lead and there's any time left on the clock is in the hands of your offense, not in the hands of the other team's offense and your defense on the field.


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I see this a negative on Rivera.  What you describe happens on various levels--there are not too many coordinators who do not seek input from everyone involved.  So, why go public and say this?  I think it hurts Shula's credibility for no reason.  Shula has a fairly experienced offensive staff and I am sure he will lean on them.


I want Shula to be getting endorsements and votes of confidence.  Although I do not see this as a deliberate attempt to discredit Shula, there is no need to make this statement, in my opinion.


I didn't read the article.


However, I think this was simply a reaction to Chud's alleged Heavy Hand in running the teams offense, not accepting too much input from the other position coaches. Rivera knows this. 


Outside of that; I don't think we can/should read too much into it. 


Shula, wasn't my choice either. But now that he's here, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. It's been said, Cam can make any OC look like a genius (as he's done in the past).


We'll see, this time, won't we? Lol

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Believe it or not, it was the opposite.

CHUD, actually adjusted to the league first, before anyone did anything else. That's what makes this (Chud, Rivera, and the offense in 2012), so crazy and perplexing.

Rivera, admitted in a article to Albert Breer (earlier this year), that Chud--in anticipation of NFL defenses in 2012, decided to make the Read Option the Preferred/Go to offense, despite the fact that Cam and the offense were so successful in more conventional (including under center), two tight end sets his rookie year. Can you believe that?

It was Cam's Rookie type offense, that the team actually fell back on (with the spineless/clueless Rivera in fear of losing his job, finally making a move), that the team utilized during the second half of the season. Remember that!

The 'Cam Adjustment' by NFL defenses is really a fallacy. Maybe that would have been true, if Chud didn't attempt to rely on the Read Option, and changing up the formations as he did? However, it was the older, more conventional sets--Cam had in his rookie year, where he's seen most of his NFL success so far. That's what drives knowledgeable Panther fans and observers so crazy (especially with outside, wayward critics attacking Cam, having no idea Chud's, Rivera's input and complicity the first half of the season).

Read option was highly successful in 2011....

Biggest issue in 12 was if you do anything to doesn't work in the NFL well. Having poo G play and Stewart banged up only threw more gas in the fire.

I still maintain read option wasn't an issue....Chud was the issue. He isn't good.

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