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Derek Anderson Tweets

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Bear with me, it's the offseason... but if you have twitter; you have to follow DA on twitter. He might be one of the funniest Panthers players there is...


Here is a sample size of his tweets...


Referring to USC's Dewayne Dedmon


Derek Anderson ‏@DAnderson314

U avg 6 Pts 7 reb and ur declaring early.. #nbadraft #nosense


Someone asked who it was and DA responsded...



@Danny_OG7 some big bastard from USC


On Getting His Twitter Account Verified


Derek Anderson ‏@DAnderson314

Oh nice I just got the congrats I have been verified.. As if they didn't know it was me the entire time..


Anderson on Roy Hibbert


Derek Anderson ‏@DAnderson314

Hibbert runs like he's 45!!


Other Tweets


Derek Anderson ‏@DAnderson314

Rules violation recurring in clt.. Granny panties with yoga pants.. #notagoodlook#pantiesinabunch


Derek Anderson ‏@DAnderson314

Thx for the follow @MrBeatThePussy.. U may wanna explain the origin of ur screen name to me.. U got me laughing


Derek Anderson ‏@DAnderson314

Test results are in.. Cholesterol down from 254 to 199. Feeling good. Bad thing is testosterone is 458 that's pathetic.but nothin I can do


DA obviously takes his tweeting seriously.

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You think this is a joke to him?

Haha. I flew out to Zona for Cam's debut. Was right behind the panthers bench and for a good portion of the game, a few guys were just giving it to DA about that. "Derek i take this stuff serious!" "Derek this isn't a joke to me!"

It was pretty funny to be honest. I don't think anyone will ever forget that interview.

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He puts his heart and soul into those tweets.

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