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PJ Hairston Arrested

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@DavidCMorrison: According to the Hairston police report, a 9 mm handgun and magazine with 9 rounds of ammunition was taken as evidence. Also: 3 cigars.

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PJ Hairston + crew had 43 grams of weed on them? That's WAY more than "half ounce" (1 oz = 28 grams) http://t.co/S4YLjCtkpD

6/7/13 12:49 PM

Felony is anything greater than 1.5 oz or 42grams. But if it was split up between them and everyone had less than the 1.5 oz amt then no one can be charged with a felony. However possession of a fire arm in conjunction with drugs is a felony offense.

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Wow...  I didn't really care when the story first broke, but I decided to just check up on it out of curiosity.


Even as an alum, I felt like UNC always looked for a certain type of player...  Basically, I'm saying they wanted clean-cut, cornball type of guys.  I had a feeling the PJ Hairston was a different dude, just from the way he played.  He had an edge to him.


Now, I don't care how hardcore you are, if you're at UNC, projected as a lottery pick, and you're coming back as the best player on the team, you better let that crap go.  What an idiot.  Things aren't that hard in NC.  You're about to be making millions and you're gonna throw it away for a couple of $20s?  Stupid, stupid, stupid.


I just don't see how he'll be back.  Like I said, UNC has always sought out a certain type of athlete (personality wise) and PJ just checked himself off of that list.  This isn't because of Coach Williams or administration either.  Sure, keeping him would bring some negative pub to the university, but I think they steer clear of any guys with an attitude because it doesn't fit the mold that the boosters and big wigs want wearing carolina blue.


Man...  PJ f'ed up.

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Kids will be kids.  Still doesn't mean it's not dumb.  In any case, don't think that Hairston will be given special treatment from Roy because he is a star player.  I guarantee you if Hairston fugs up as much as Graves did, he would be off of the team.  But really, Graves was given MULTIPLE opportunities, he just couldn't stay away from the pot. 


edit:  i didn't know he was also caught with a gun.  If so, WHAT A MORON!  And the other things that have been posted sure don't make it sound any better.  I thought he was just caught with weed.  I'll wait til the dust settles and see what's what, but if he was caught with a gun, weed, and possibly dealing, he should most definitely be off of the team.

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