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Carl Spackler

Charlotte Hornets player salaries/contract situations moving forward

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Houston would be interested if that was the only way to get Dwight and another team was willing to accept those terms.  Like you said before, he is a free agent, he can go/do as he wants.

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Why do we want to facilitate trades to make other teams better? I want to see MJ personally on the phone with Howard and Paul the day he is allowed. They may not come. We suck, we're a small market, we have no tradition, no one has ever dreamed of playing for the Bobcats when they grew up (Hornets are a different story). What do we have going for us though? We have money, we have a rebrand coming that (from my view out here) seems to have the city excited, and we have an owner that was the greatest player to ever play the game (90% of the nba grew up idolizing). He should have a lot more pull in nba circles than he has shown. So either he's (a) too involved (makes bad decisions, ( B) not involved enough (no personal interest), © a at times and b at times (cant find a happy medium), or (d) has already made himself a laughing stock of the nba.

Dwight failed playing sidekick to Kobe. Make him the man again. I understand building through the draft and developing our young guys, but they are not developing by winning 20-30 games per year. Winning breeds winners and losing breeds losers. They need playoff experience to develop.

Sorry for the rant. I got the rebrand I wanted, now I want to see the process completed with a winning team.

In facilitating trades, the middle man usually ends up with all the future assets (picks/cash) and young potential players while the other teams fight over the big names.


With Ben Gordon's expiring deal, he will be appealing in the open market.


I agree we should give a call to Dwight and Chris Paul, but realistically I don't think we have a chance, so I think we need to keep positioning ourselves with assets and young talent.  I am not looking to make any teams better unless we end up with more than what we have now... pretty simple why we would facilitate a trade if you understand NBA contract struture.

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I dont think he does, but I can see Howard signing with us.  Why?


We have 2 of his favorite coaches

He will be THE man again

With our cap situation, we could sign another star

We got good young players

Face of the Charlotte Hornets

No pressure


Why he wouldnt?

Not a championship contender

Small market

Clifford and Ewing were his coaches in Orlando and he wanted out


It's just going to be impossible to get him interested in Charlotte with the likes of Lakers(Kobe) and Rockets(Harden) recruiting him big time.  The only way I see it happening in Charlotte is if Paul gets interested in coming here.  I know we have Kemba but would be stupid to ignore Paul if he shows interest.  Could then use Kemba as 6th man or trade bait.


Longshot but there is a small piece in me that can see it happening.  Its the NBA.  Anything can happen.

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