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Andrew Luck the 23rd ranked player in the nfl?

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Seriously....what did he do that was this great? Is he this much better than cam?


Took his team to the playoffs?


Went 11-5 with subpar talent around him?


Broke Cam's record for passing yards by a rookie?


I love Cam but until he starts winning games he will not get the respect that his talent deserves.  It's sad but true.  People want him to be this and that but ultimately all he needs is W's.  Had Cam followed up his record setting rookie year with 11 wins, a playoff birth, and the exact same stats he had last year, he would be on the cover of every magazine and would be ESPN's new "it" guy.


Is it all Cam's fault?  No.  Some of it?  Yes (two loses directly resulted in a play of his).  


If Cam had a better coach I think this wouldn't even be an issue.  But that may not happen for a while.  So sit back and enjoy it bc until those last minute losses turn into wins this is going to continue to happen.

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Andrew Luck is a baller make no mistake. I can see how those outside of Carolina can rank him so highly. I just think Cam's potential is so much higher than Luck's it's not even funny.

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I turned on ron after the first atlanta game. However, the players never quit on him. If the players didn't have faith in him he would be gone. So ill respect a pro athletes opinion of a coach much more than yours.

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The ordained one

I think this pretty much sums it up.

Luck was hyped up as the perfect QB prospect...a once in a lifetime talent. This rating is a result of that hype. Had he not come into the league with that elevated reputation, nothing he did last year would have been able to get him to 23.

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