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check out Kenjon Barner's game vs. USC; 321 yards, 5 tds.

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Seems like he will be a good 3rd down back, can catch and do some option stuff as a change of pace.  I am actually more impressed by Oregon's O-line in the clip, Long destroyed his guy pretty much every play.

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beef up the offensive line and this guy will do fine for years... as a sixth round pick... you know, the way you're supposed to build a football team in 2013

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Some things I noticed in this video and other videos of his I've watched:

-Excellent vision, sees things happening that are not directly in his line of vision.

-Doesn't often lose yardage.

-Very efficient in movement, doesn't make a lot of unnecessary cuts that hurt momentum.

-Patience, willing to let the blocking develop and see what the play is giving him.

-Needs space to operate, has trouble when the defense is on top of him.


yep. saw a lot of the same thing.


and sure, he runs upright but when you see him running, he always scanning the field. i don't see this as a negative at all for the type of player he is and the things he's capable of doing. he's the kind of guy who will have a high ypa, but it will be because he will have a 15 yard run after quite a few 1 yard runs. he's also the guy who is always a threat to take it to the endzone, regardless of where he is on the field. all he needs is a little space and the guy is gone.


i see him having probably equal amounts carries and receptions, quite a few carries less than the other ball carriers, but equal or more TDs. he's a big play/scoring threat player who can line up anywhere and who will be requiring special attention from defenses any time he's on the field.

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