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Not Guilty

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i say when philly gets back in the states im going to crank out a thread and find a slot for those within in 4 hrs or so of Charlotte to come and have a Tinderbox Beverage Summit.



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Swag American....................... you really believe "you got me" was TM last words, i mean we obvious will never know but it's hard to believe that part along with TM emerging as soon as GZ get's off the phone to start a fight this is pure speculation but i think there was something said or done to provoke TM which isn't against the law but it also wouldn't make GZ look like a victim in all of this...................and if kids were the ones who originally broke in house why would you be packing a piece, taser or mase would do the trick. i do hate they made this a race thing because it overshadows kids everyday like TM being killed no matter there race

Pied for the swag American. Lmao

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