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Meanwhile, CJ, who also grew up a falcons fan is dogging his former "favorite team"

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You're a Duke fan... And you wear UNC gear....?

"Die hard Red Sox fan here, but this Yankees fat looks dope, so I wear it like twice a week. F*ck the Yankees though, I hate them more than anything else in the world."

The baseball equivalent of what you just said. Think about it again man. As a UNC student, I can't even associate myself with Dook fans, so I think you're doing it wrong.

But then again, maybe it's some subconscious realization that UNC is actually much better in literally every aspect, so good on you!!


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I dont let players I dont know..who attend colleges I did not go to to affect me emotionally..Im pretty secure with myself and wear it in SC only lol... I enjoy pissing off the gamecok fans around here although I pull for SC over the Tarheels 10 out of 10 times. Sure I enjoy being a prick basically.

I only pop on a UNCC hat in the homestate..

But seriously, fug the Peoples Republic of Chapel Hill!

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