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Hurricanes 2013-2014 Regular Season Schedule...

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A lot of different teams there.

I'm expecting a loss against Detroit, they got scary good this offseason.

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    • Legal households do that stuff as well.  It's a problem with the system not so much illegals.  I would love to find a way to fix those work arounds.   But going back to what this thread is about which is what I was addressing, illegal's are not allowed to receive welfare, there is already a law against that and it's being enforced. An illegal immigrant can't just walk into the Department of Social Services and get signed up for free poo. It's not happening. Does Trump know that? or care? Idk, but his followers are stupid as fug. I get what Trump gets out of this relationship but they are just getting fuged and they are too ignorant to know better.
    • Been an official donor since the day I turned 18, even though it was on my license at 16. I've asked to be cremated anyway, so it's not like anyone is going to notice that 2 oz of my ash is missing. This is literally the gift that costs you nothing to give. 
    • I get what you're saying but using an immigrant to bizarrely place blame on when your Republican pals have been trying to ruin whatever social security currently is now for as long as I can remember is just really ignorant. Like you are barely above the intelligence of a bar stoll by proliferating this sort of retarded mindset.