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Is this the year MJ finally trades for a star?

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carolina-chuck    2,761

That idea is terrible atm, bc we already have our "face of the franchise" guy in Al Jefferson. There won't be anymore big off season move(s) this offseason. Now, if you're talking about 2014, I could definitely see that idea happening.


We could potentially end up with (3) 1st rounders: Hornet's, Portland's (top12), and Detroit's (top 8) and even our 2nd rounder. That's 4 picks next year that we could very well have.


Don't be surprise to see Cho/MJ move Kemba and/or MKG next year if we were to land a Marcus Smart/Andrew Harrison or Wiggins/Parker.

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YOLO!    93

It already belongs to Big Al.



I'm sorry but Al Jefferson is not a face of the franchise type of player, if he is then we aren't going to win a lot of games. Jefferson is a nice 2/3rd option, but he can't be the leader of your team. I say Kemba Walker is the face of the franchise if I had to choose a player on the team currently.

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CarolinaNCSU    5,197

Kemba is more the face of the Hornets to me.  Jefferson is a nice player, but he's peaked IMO.  9 years in the league, never been an All-Star, overpaid and a guy who needs the ball/doesn't play defense.  


Give me the young, energetic figure in Kemba with star power from his UCONN days compared to the plodding big man who has never been a star. 


That said, we add our true star in next year's draft (hopefully.


As for that Westbrook trade idea?  OKC would laugh their asses off at an offer of MKG and 1 first rounder.  They won't be making another Harden-esque trade anytime soon. 

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