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Mr. Scot

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You was the one making asinine statement about having the best wr in the league is all you need. Kurb called you out and get all pissy. Point being Smitty was the best WR in the league in 2004.

You are clearly not making any sense to me. Unless you believe that the 2004: Colbert, Carter, Mangum and Gaines are even close to what the Lions have right now: Burleson, Bush, Broyles, Pettigrew and Scheffler. Obviously I'm not the one on drugs. You are. Quit it now whole you still can. Don't make it become a habit.

We would've went on to won the SB if we had Burleson, Bush, Broyles, Scheffler and Pettigrew behind 89 in 2004.

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Something named Barry Richardson was released from the titans. He has 49 starts at OT, is 27, 6'6 and 300 something. He was making close to league minimum and is from Mt Pleasant, SC. Anybody know anything else about this guy?

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Chuck, we are derailing a thread. Furthermore we are arguing semantics.

You can not win consistently with only a #1WR and nothing else.

You made a statement to the contrary of this proven fact.

I called you out on that.

You then tried to validate your statement by mentioning that the Lions have much more than a #1 WR.

I told you that you could not back out of the original statement, by trying to validate that statement with facts to the contrary.

I agree, the Lions likely need Defensive secondary help more than they need more WR's.

I agree, Megatron is likely one of the GOAT's at the WR spot.

I agree, the Lions offense has more weapons than MegaTron.

I agree, the Lions 2013 offense has more weapons than the 2005 Panthers NFCCG offense...

That said, you can not, consistently win, in the NFL, with only a #1WR, which is what you said fuging here:

You can't win with just the best WR in the league, you need all that other poo, which you listed, thus invalidating the first thing you said, when I called you out on it.

I'll only ban you if you do things that are worth banning, disagreeing with me is "usually" not one of those things. Unless you annoy me, then I will ban you b/c I am an asshole and I do things like that to people on the internet.

Can we stop now?

here is a picture of that girl we like....

hopefully it makes you happy and you can wander off peacefully...


Read outside the box. I've never said go out there and win with Calvin only at receiver. I said it multiple times that Calvin's is the best WR in the league atm, and the Lions have multiple very good options. Why bring in another receiving option when CB and Safety are the real problems.

So sure we can stop now.

And Kudo to the babe.

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My 2014 Offseason Dreams:

FA: Richie Incognito (Guard)

Draft: 1st Rd. Jake Matthews / Taylor Lewan / Cyrus Kouandjio (Tackle)

Draft: 2nd Rd. Corner /WR


LT: Jordan Gross LG: Amini Silatolu C: Ryan Kalil RG: Richie Incognito RT: Cyrus Kouandjio

Switch gross and Cyrus. Gross goes back to his natural position and my friend Cyrus is beast at LT

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Ravens cut OL Ramon Harewood, a former 6th round pick who started five games last year. In his three years on the team, Harewood has flashed potential but overall has underachieved and been injury prone.

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