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My Early Training Camp, Pre-Season 53*

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It's Sunday, I'm bored and all I've been doing is catching up on TC write-ups provided by our fortunate brethren here and over at an inferior site...Here's my take "thus far" on our 53...


All in depth chart order-



C. Newton

D. Anderson

J. Clausen (wraps up final year of his rookie deal iirc)




J. Stewart

K. Barner (3rd down/receiving threat we've been looking for)



M. Tolbert 

R. Brockel



S. Smith

B. LaFell

T. Ginn (big play ability out weighs the occasional drop given our roster)

D. Hixon (veteran depth, but oft-injured)

A. Edwards (I don't think he makes the team next year though)

D. Gettis (I think his size/speed/potential buy him another year)



G. Olsen

B. Harstock

N. Rosario (along with Barner I'm hoping he surprises a lot of us in the passing game)



J. Gross

B. Campbell (The future???)



B. Bell

G. Williams



A. Silatolu



G. Hangartener

E. Kugbila



R. Kalil

J. Beyers (rotational G, to save additional roster spot)



C. Johnson

F. Alexander



G. Hardy

M. Addison



S. Lotulelei

D. Edwards

K. Short (will see a lot of 3rd and pass snaps with 3 DE's)

F. Kearse (I like his size/youth and the fact he has some NFL exp over Gaydosh/Cole)



T. Davis

J. Senn



L. Kuechly

C. Blackburn



J. Beason

A. Klein



D. Florence (exp vet stop gap)

C. Munnerlyn (Capt. as has been plays the nickel vs 3WR)

J. Norman

J. Thomas

J. Dockery  (I'm intrigued by his size and play last year--6'1 it's needed as WR's  seem to get bigger)



C. Godfrey

C. Jones (ST's ace, that's about it)



M. Mitchell (I think his physical play-style eventually supplants Campbell)

D. Campbell (Only other S who could likely back up Godfrey in case of injury--Lester was a FS at ALA however)

R. Lester (with an increase of teams using 3 WR sets and still maintaining a run threat I expect to see more "big nickel" sets defensively to match up, which increases need at SS)



G. Gano



B. Nortman



J. Jansen



K. Barner



T. Ginn


Offensively Gettleman likes the 2 QB thing and there are far too many people hanging around to hold a clipboard for Rivera/Shula. So there is one spot for DT see below. The other is TE Olsen and Hartsock with Brockel being a FB/TE for us.  Fills two spots with one roster spot.  That leaves a spot for another OL or DB.   Honestly for what I have heard the first few days of TC I would rather have Bersin than Hixon. This is Bersin second camp and he already had a couple good catches.  Don't be surprised if Hixon gets the axe and they keep Bersin.  Hixon isn't going to do us much good riding a bike all season.  His injury bug has followed him to Carolina and I think he will be the FA cut that will surprise everyone.


Defensively the only one I would change is Kearse for Cole.  Cole was a force before he got hurt and is back at it for the first time since 2010.  He is healed (hopefully) and healthy.  I like Kearse but not to replace Cole.  I think we might keep 5 DTs anyhow and Kearse will fight it out with Gaydosh... Gotta get our Gaydosh Army comment in there

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Has Gettleman said what he thinks about QBs or are we going by what the GM for the Giants thinks?

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