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Panthers Camp featured on NFL Channel Today

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The Luke interview was really short but great...didn't really like the Cam interview.  I felt like Sharpe asked a few questions that have been beat to death (the towel on the head issue).


Then I had to listen to Darren Sharper say we were the worst team in the division.  He also talked about our secondary and how bad Nakamura was.  He said he questioned what the GM is doing by trying to beef up the front 7 in a division with Matt Ryan and Drew Brees.  


I understand the point he's trying to make but I'd rather have a defensive line that can shut down the run and get after the QB but to each his own. 


The other part that no one mentioned is the fact that we have the best defense in the division by far.  Maybe Tampa is right there with us.

OH I WONDER WHY DARREN SHARPER HATES US??? His comments are far from surprising. 

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