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Jesus, thank you!!!


People forget so easily around here. And man, don't bring up a nickname or panther fans get all itchy.


Guys.....guys....I love the panthers, I know you're tired of hearing it but they are legit my #2. Many people around these parts have seen me at pre season and regular season games representing the cats! I am not a troll, and the "fins suck" stuff is kind of funny considering its coming from this fanbase......arent we pretty much going through the same exact thing the last 5-8 years?


I always got a long with everyone here, not a troll, just coming on back with the season started and wanted to start a healthy debate.


Lets call this one a tie. Cam can be Kraken in the AFC and Hardy can be the Kraken in the NFC.


When we play November 24th, we can make a friendly wager on who has more sacks that game! Deal?

nope. sorry. written in stone.


greg hardy = kraken


cam wake = sigmund


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