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FO Almanac's Panthers write-up

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Most NFL coaches would have punted. That doesn't bother me. It is our defense bending over and spreading the cheeks after that that pi$$ed me off. The odds of an untouched noodle arm Matt Ryan(who was getting slapped around by our d-line up until that point) completing a 60 yards pass from his own end zone were very little that day, but we made that happen for them. to be honest though, the collapse against the bucs bugged me more. I was physically sick

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If this makes sense to you guys, I feel like even if Ron isn't a good game managing head coach (and we will find out if that is true or not this year) he will at least have been a good transitional head coach, due to his ability to develop players. Gives me hope that the next coach that walks in if Ron doesn't prove himself worthy can win instantly.

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