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PIA's Powerlifting Journey

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 10:34 AM

I think P90X is good for beginners or people trying to get back into fitness. Insanity is a whole lot of cardio with nothing but body weight to load your muscles, which is counterproductive and imo, why it should only be a supplement. I like crossfit best of the three mostly because it combines strength training with proper body mechanics which I believe gives a better overall workout (for my goals, anyway). I don't like the crossfit elitist culture or their pyramid scheme way of running gyms. But what keeps me away more than anything is the designated "class" times.

I've been thinking about getting back into more power lifting now that most of my back problems arent so painful anymore. Nothing hardcore like you're doing - probably easing back into it in 6 week cycles like my old HS coach had us doing outside of football season. My problem will be patience and motivation.

What is your MOS, PiA? Will you have time to hit the gym daily?

try sheiko man! It's a good program to have your body acclimatizated to heavy and frequent volume lifting. I'm 31B, combat military police. And with my shifts, I should have ample time! But that's if the mission doesn't change!

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Posted 19 January 2014 - 01:18 PM

Hola, peoples. Its been a hot minute since I updated this beast. 


Its time to stay on this thing. 


my BW is up to 201! its exciting! 


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Mondays training!:


1.Bench press – (50%@5Х1) (60%@4Х2) (70%@3Х2) (75%@3Х5)…(34)

2.Squat – (50%@5Х1)  (60%@5Х2)  (70%@5Х5)…(40)

3.Bench press – (50%@6Х1) (60%@6Х2) (65%@6Х4)...(42)

4.Flat dumbbells “flies”-10Х5.

5. cable pushdowns - 3x10+

6.”Good mornings” - 5Х5.




1.Deadlift (50%@5Х1) (60%@5Х2) (70%@4Х2) (75%@3Х4)…(35)

2.bench (50% 4Х1) (60% 4Х1) (70% 3Х2) (75% 3Х6)

3.Dips 5Х5 (weighted)

4.Deadlift (50% 5Х1) (60% 5Х2) (70% 4Х2) (80% 3Х4)...(35)

5.Lunges 5Х5 Weighted.

6.Abs 10Х3.

7.Curl bro stuff





1.Squat (50% 4Х1) (60% 4Х1) (70% 3Х2) (75% 3Х6)…(29)

2.Bench press (50% 6Х1) (60% 5Х1) (70% 4Х2) (75% 3Х2) (80% 2Х2) (75% 4Х1) (70% 5Х1) (60% 6Х1) (50% 7Х1)…(51)

3.Chest Flies 10Х5.

4.Triceps 10Х5.

5.Squat (55% 3Х1) (65% 3Х1) (75% 2Х4)...(14)

6.”Good mornings” 6Х5.

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Posted 22 January 2014 - 10:56 PM

Used to lift quite a bit throughout high school and college but haven't touched a weight in two years and am now 15 pounds heavier than I have ever been.

That said, just ordered my whey, fish oil, multi vitamin, and my BCAAs/glutamine so I'm about to get back into it. Just drafted up a rough workout routine for the first few months and have a diet and nutrition plan ready to go. Hoping to shred 20 pounds and get lean again in a few months.