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This is Gross with Cam Newton

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Cam sounds kinda tired to be honest. 


Gross is telling Cam to be himself and be calm. Gross jokes that Cam is getting comfortable by taking his shirt off. 


Kinda interesting Gross said, "this isn't an interview so this should be good for you." This is something that has been rumored, that Cam hates interviews and just likes to be himself and be a kid. 


Cam called Gross' pillows from Bed, Bath, and Bodyworks. 


Cam likes giving people nicknames. He calls Bell "the turtle." He calls Kalil "the father." He calls Gross "the Grosser." (super creative)


Cam met Kalil the day after the lockout, and he said he looked like an intern. Gross said he could literally smell Cam's cologne. 


Gross called Cam's agent before the draft to see if we drafted him if he would come to Gross kickball tournament. Gross says Cam's agent was the only one he called, but he did not know who we were going to draft. 


Cam talks about his autograph strategy. He is joking about how fans scream his name. It honestly sounds a bit overwhelming. The most disrespectful thing is when people throw stuff at him. *srsly wtf people*


Cam said he one time in college signed every single autograph. He is joking about people's sob stories. It's funny. 


Gross says he signed a hockey puck once. He is a naturally funny guy. 


Cam and Gross joked that the Made line doesn't have big sizes for the o lineman. 


Gross and Kalil stole Cam's shoes once after an away game. Says that he and Gross were going to swap Cam's suit with one 2 sizes two small. 


Lot's of talk about Cam's clothing of choice. Commence group huddle fap session.


Gross and Kalil sound like they would be awesome to go drink a beer with. 


Cam wore air force 1s in high school. Rivera wears them now. LOL. 


some dude named Brandon Kincaid, went super in depth on some question about BBQ- what the hell


Cam is now a pescatarian, but he doesn't even eat that much fish. That's impressive, but I don't know if I could burn all those calories without eating some meat.


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