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justice department will no longer pursue mandatory minimum sentences for low-level drug offenders

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Imagine that....a bunch of posters on a message board who like to smoke pot and do drugs are happy that the gov't is going to get lax on prosecuting those who are using drugs.

Soooo does this mean that you no longer feel that he has over stepped his authority, and nooow feel as if the drug laws have been sufficiently enforced up until this point. I'm just trying to keep up because you try and change your argument every time it is defeated instead of bowing out gracefully and with dignity.

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The sad part is that you probably ARE the intelligent one in your family.


Your parents must be so proud....their little special guy is the smartest kid riding the short bus.


it's weird how whenever someone bodies you and your trash arguments, you call them dumb. why are you letting all of these dumb ppl run circles around you? how fuging dumb are you?

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