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Model needed for trade show in Charlotte Sept 14th

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I need a young lady (20 to 30 something, NOT A teenager.) to assist me for 4 hours Saturday Sept 14th at Metrolina Expo.


(I tried posting this twice over in the lounge and it bombed out both times!)


This is the Gold Prospectors Association of America Gold & Treasure Expo.  Doors open Saturday at 8:00AM, but I figure that since they always have a crowd, start around 9:00. 


I'll provide her credentials (sorry guys) soda, food and t-shirt.  (It will be tasteful, this is a family event.)  Female t-shirt Maybe tank top.  No spaghetti straps, or crop tops or something 2 sizes too small.  (maybe 1 size? LOL)


T-shirt will probably read, "Follow me to Gold Rush Guys!", or "I always strike it rich at Gold Rush Guys!" MAYBE, "I score my booty at Gold Rush Guys!"


Pass out promo cards at the entrance, walk thru the crowd maybe every 1/2 hour.  Otherwise, sit at our booth and chat up the guys!  All over at 1:00PM.  Only real requirement is that she looks good in t-shirt and shorts.  (I know VERY chauvinistic!)  But the majority of people there will be men. 


So if this is something you want to do, or your Daughter, Wife or Girlfriend, PM me.  I'll check back from time to time.


I will be happy to discuss payment when you PM me.


Thanks, Brian (Formerly Sports Talk)


Every time I post a pic, it bombs out! 

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