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meritocracy or bias?

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was the "study' not inherently flawed though? what of the background of the whites that were surveyed?


they come from a racial group of privilege. i guess in order to accurately interpret the results, you have to actually believe in well-defined things like privilege


and counter with this. those that currently benefiting from anything from afrim action to title IX would they have anything negative to say about those programs at the moment? probably not.


affirmative action and title ix work to counter the effects of privilege in our society, normalizing outcomes to account for privilege, class, and institutional racism. comparing these programs to actual privilege is a fuging joke. you're not arguing in good faith, instead seeking a "gotcha" moment that's never going to come because (gasp!) you're a moron


and i didn't make it about you. you do a bang up job making about you. i would venture to guess outside of the internet those that you know you best would be nodding in agreement right now with me.



maybe you should stop crying when you don't hear what you want to hear.


i know i know. white people devil, white people devil, white people devil. Keep that mantra flag flying.


lol this is what makes that long-winded post you made about how smart you are so fuging funny


it's because you're a moron


and i said Asians because, umm, gee, I guess because they were in this "study".



"why don't we ask the asians what THEY think about meritocracy? why don't we just continue to miss the fuging point?"


whats so eureka about people shifting an answer once new info is introduced? what was the context of that introduction? since you like context.


"Half were simply asked to assign the importance they thought various criteria should have in the admissions system of the University of California. The other half received a different prompt, one that noted that Asian Americans make up more than twice as many undergraduates proportionally in the UC system as they do in the population of the state."



and the study IS about white people. the name of the freakin study is "White definitions of merit and admissions. lol. wow dude.



the study is about privilege and meritocracy


in some alternate universe black ppl are the beneficiaries of privilege in bizarro-america and some dude is publishing a paper titled "black definitions of merit and admissions"


you take any critique of racial privilege here in america as an attack and hone in on that, completely missing the point. it's because you're not a particularly smart person.


i think you hate it when you think you have posted something that enlightens us serfs and then we go yeah, we kinda knew that already.



and here comes the patented pstall hedge. you instinctively dispute a post because


1) it's about privilege and meritocracy here in america

2) i posted


but by the end of your post you're claiming "yeah we kinda knew that already"


which is it? is it whichever will allow you to save face?


yes that's exactly what it is

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ok ok you got me. this is the FIRST time in my life i have ever heard of meritocracy.


i feel smarter now. thanks

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if this was simply about the privileged, then why even mention white people? so who is hedging here?




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