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Admiral Ackbar

Star - Rookie Power Rankings Week 2

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I do not need the block button to solidify my opinion of your opinion. You have no viable and quantifiable stats. You're just having another hyperbolic, biased tantrum on The Huddle.

But I've tried to end it a page back. I told you I'll reserve judgement until the regular season when the excuses are off the table. Stats can go for either argument in the preseason there isn't enough info. Your more than welcome to say I told you so during the regular season if our run d improves. Ill be the first to admit I was wrong. But if stopping the run remains an issue this year as it was last year we'll revisit this argument.

I've been on thread after thread expressing my concerns of this team. Quite frankly I'm tired of it. I'm in wait and see mode at this point. Hoping we can put it all together come September 8.

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Judging a defensive tackle after two pre-season games will lead to a lot of eternally doomed defensive tackles.

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No act. We doubled up on DTs this year but our line is still giving up the same runs. Or am I watching a different game?

Different game. We stopped the run against the bears and the Eagles offense forms natural creases. You can't collapse one side or the other without giving a cut back lane. To stop offenses like that you need a well prepared and patient defense. The offense will get their chunks but when they run more plays, they are more prone to turn the ball over. That and we were running exclusively cover 2 and 3 against the eagles which didn't help matters.

Oh and one more thing, Star is still getting double teamed like he is in the PAC 12.

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