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Let's talk Dynasty leagues for a moment

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I've joined my first ever dynasty league, after 15 or so years of 'normal' fantasy...  This is a 10-team, 25-man roster format, with a twist in what positions play... 


1 QB

2 RB


1 Def

1 K


TE position is optional (that's a change for me)


Normal scoring, no PPR, 6 pt passing TDs...


I draft 10th...


Entire roster carries over from year to year...


$120 buy in annually (which is why I'm much more focused and serious about this league than others I've been in)


So, that said, ya'll toss some draft thoughts at me...


I'd initially thought I would put emphasis on RB and QB at the 10/11 turn, then try to go RB and WR at the 30/31 turn...  I was leaning towards Newton at 10, but the more I think about it, the more I have to think that's more me thinking with my heart, and not my head...  I MAY be able to get Newton at 30/31 (but that's a stretch), while at the same time getting another stud RB or WR at 11...  And if I do lose out on Newton, I should still be able to get solid production from the likes of Ryan (or another comparable QB) in the 4th...  I'm thinking more and more that this is the way to go...  The guy with the #1 overall pick has already told me that if he keeps the pick, he's taking Rogers...  I just think it'd be smarter to get more solid RB/WR options at 10/11, then hope the QB run waits a bit...


Then there's the fact that you don't have to carry a TE...  You can have 3 WR's instead...  This is huge, IMO...  I'm hoping it's something that'll go overlooked by a few owners...  Outside of the top 2 TE's, I don't believe it's worth putting any others on your roster since you don't have to...


Anyways, looking for thoughts and strats from anyone who has done dynasty football before...

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I think your gut is right, not your heart.  Cam could have his best year as a Panther QB and drop 30 spots on the fantasy rankings.  His focus is going to be getting the team involved and those rushing td's should come down.  Not sure how your scoring is set up but I would focus on RB's and in a dynasty league would factor in health and stable OL into that ranking.

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That's exactly what I'm worried about, is him losing yards and TDs to getting the offense involved...  At 30, it's a risk I'm willing to take...  At 10, I just don't know if I can do it...  And, let's use ESPN predictions for points for the sake of argument, would Cam scoring 325 could cost me a 1st rounder, but Ryan scoring 314 should only cost me a 3rd...  I can live with the 11 poind difference, if I can get someone like Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant or AJ Green instead (especially since this is a WR heavy league, letting us start 3 of them)...

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Im thinking years down the road instead of this year. Cam has the potential to be the best qb in the league for a 3-4 stretch in the next few years. Cam or luck would be my qb pick. I may go Julio Jones and aj green 10-11. Think about how long those guys will dominate. Then go the two best young rbs available at 30-31 then go wr-qb with your next two

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Ok, so consider this hypothetical...  Long-term, which core is better or offers fewer holes?


1 Newton

2 Green

3 Lacy

4 Ridley


(totally guessing that is where the RB's will be by picks 30/31)


1 Richardson

2 Johnson

3 Ryan (This isn't a Panther fan league, so it's POSSIBLE Newton could be available here)

4 Lacy (or best available RB depending on what's left on the board)



I agree with you that we could be close to seeing a stretch where Newton is something special in fantasy...  But I have to consider the possibility that several things could happen to keep him from it, too (coaching change, fewer carries, fewer chances at rushing TDs if they stick with the philosophy they say they're going to have, etc)...  So would Newton in 3 years be comparable to Ryan in 3 years (just using him as a baseline example)? 

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