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*Need Owners* Yahoo standard (mostly) league

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I was going to run 2 leagues at work, but lot of the guys in a particular department have been replaced by women, not that I'm complaining. It's a Yahoo league with some tweaks. Added a flex spot (can be either WR, RB, or TE) so there's 10 starting spots and 6 bench spots. This also balances out the snake draft.


QB's INTs are -2, if it's a pick six, then -3 instead. Passing for 300+ yards gets +1

WRs, RBs, and TEs get +1 when they go over 100 yards in a game

For Ks, FGs 50 yards+ are 4 points, but missing an extra point is -1

D/ST get 1 point for a tackle for loss and 2 points for a 4th-down stop


Big plays are worth more. 40+yard runs or catches get +1, and if it's a TD then +2 instead.

Passes over 40 yards don't get a bonus unless it's a TD, then +1


Nothing CRAZY, but enough to spice up the matchups. I like competitive leagues, and this setup helps test the managerial skills of the 11 poor bastards dumb enough guys with the guts to join.


Since it's a first-year Huddle league and last minute, I'll make it a free league. We draft on Wednesday at 6pm. Anybody got the cajones? PM me for an invite.


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    •  2010   D Williams- 4.1 YPC   J Stewart- 4.3 YPC 2011    D Wlliams- 5.4 YPC     J. Stewart- 5.4 YPC   Wonder what the difference was between those years? 
    • My question is whether we're sold enough on him to trade up with Jacksonville to ensure we get him. What would that take? I'd offer them our late 2nd rounder that we got from the Pats, take it or leave it. No way they trade down just for our 3rd round comp. pick and no way Gettleman gives up our original 2nd rounder. I maintain that the best case scenario for the Panthers is for at least 1 QB to go in the top-6, either to the 49ers or Jets. Jacksonville could opt for Solomon Thomas or Jonathan Allen over Fournette, but not likely anyone else other than Garrett, who is going 1st overall without a doubt. Would also be helpful for the Titans to go safety over corner, leaving the Jets with the option to take Lattimore. 1. CLE: Myles Garrett
      2. SF: Mitchell Trubisky
      3. CHI: Jonathan Allen
      4. JAX: Solomon Thomas
      5. TEN: Malik Hooker
      6. NYJ: Marshon Lattimore
      7. SD: Jamal Adams
      8. CAR: Leonard Fournette
    • ¿Que? No puedo creerlo. El no parece un Mexicano.