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Sweet mother of god, Kugbila is practicing today

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on youtube.


there was a thread that had links to several of them but i watched a whole lot more while i was trying to get tired one night.


they weren't kugbila highlights, btw, but it was highlights and lowlights of his team's games. i just focused on him and there was quite a bit to watch. gave a pretty good indication of what he was doing

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That's good to hear I hope can stay healthy the rest of the way so that we can see what he's got. I'm pulling for him because the videos posted a couple months back showed promise of what he could bring the team.

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Damn, I was hoping Duke Robinson was available but i see he's signed on with the Utah Blaze.  


Glad to see Kug our there.  

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I promise you Adams saw Ginn Jr. return that punt for the TD and thought "muther fugger"

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i saw a lot after the pick was made to find out what it was and he looked pretty good. he was stronger than anyone and dominated whenever some D-player had the balls to try and take him on. quite often he was left without anyone to block because they avoided him and he had to look for someone to hit/throw around. i think he's quick/mobile enough for the job and definitely as strong as anyone he'd be facing.


he's raw for sure but he's got a solid base to build from. i saw quite a bit of improvement from one season to the next.


as far as being a roadgrader ......wow. if you were running the ball, you wanted to go where he was. i saw him fall to his knees at one point and still make a hole. in pass pro i thought he did well enough.


the thing i saw him really struggle with was against smaller and quicker players who could fake him out fairly easily. that can be coached up, though.


one thing that i also remember seeing was him trying cut blocks. it reminded me of a big fat walrus flopping on the ground. it wasn't particularly effective. he didn't really hit anyone. he just bought the backfield a little bit of time because it took so long for defenders to navigate over/around mt. kugbila.


I haven't seen any film on him, I'll have to trust your word on that. But I did see him at camp a few weeks ago, and he sure is one BIG man. If he can be coached up, I think he could be a formidable presence on the line.

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