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Handling of a Franchise Quarterback

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this is my point. as a franchise with a franchise level qb wouldnt it make sense to give said qb everything possible and build around him? i love me some keek, but you dont win superbowls by having the best mlb in the game. 


The Baltimore Ravens would like for you to repent for downing their formula for two superbowls.


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If we just cleaned house in our $90 mil backyard, we'd be able to do all the things you guys are saying. As much as I love these guys:

Dwill- lost it. Not the guy we used to love. Can't hit the hole (or see it, for that matter). Not as elusive as he used to be. I believe by himself he could be ok but he needs the OL also as well as the carries.

Stewy- obvious durability issues. I understand he's awesome whe he's healthy, but I fear he won't ever be 100%. Cam, smitty, and our D can't wait forever.

Getting rid of one/both of these guys could return OL, a single talented RB, additions to our secondary.

There are endless possibilities when you just have the money to spend.

With our current front seven, the time to win is now(and probably the next 5 years). You can't sit around and waste talent.

My suggestion would be: Ask who's more important. Williams or Stewart? If its Williams, You have to have to HAVE TO beef up the OL.

He can't live without it. And please, throw him the damn ball.

If its Stewart, you gotta help him prevent further injuries. Only thing you can do on the field is look for cheaper talent. There are guys with Stewys running style that are way cheaper than Dwill.

I believe this should be the first step towards helping Cam. Atleast then, money won't be an issue and you'll actually have a future plan.

It just seems like there's no plan right now.

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