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Bronco's offense

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So I keep hearing how good their offense is and frankly- its getting old.

Who would have guessed that the second ranked offense in the league hasn't scored as many points on the season as the


There's this guy who says stats are for losers, maybe he's right. Bronco's high powered offense is still ranked second, behind the Saints- whom we already beat. Sure, they get a lot of yards and Cutler's stats are impressive- but strugging to stay alive in the once vaunted AFC West and scoring less than the Panthers is nothing to brag about.

Yards mean poo if you can't score points and the Panthers STILL have the 9the ranked scoring D in the league. And while I haven't looked and don't care to- I would venture a guess that we have faced tougher defenses this season. They were held in check by both the Chiefs and the Raiders.

I like Cutler a lot, but I'll take my Panthers offense any day.

Go Panthers!!!

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PPG and Points Allowed per game are the most important stats in football.

Good call, I'm with you; I'd take a balanced offense over a pure passing attack any day of the week.

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5. Car. 40 25 12 .925 .625

6. Mia. 36 22 10 .889 .611

7. Ariz. 58 35 14 .845 .603

8. Den. 45 27 12 .867 .600

Red zone offense. That's red zone trips, touchdowns, FGs, scoring % and TD %. We have consistently been one of the most effecient teams in the NFL in the red zone this season.

Funny stat:

30. T.B. 50 18 24 .840 .360

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    • I honestly thought this was going to be a McCaffery thread. 
    • I would give anything to have 23 year old Jonathan Stewart on our Roster.. as years have gone by, I feel his potential has been wasted behind DeAngelo Williams, who in his own right was a beast for us in his prime..    As we wait eagerly and impatiently for our pick, let us remember and appreciate the beast that stewart was..( still is) ..   He was so explosive..  bouncy...  flexible.. powerful.. fast...      BEAST...  I became a fan in 2003 because I won a panther football in 1st grade at the end of that year for good behavior and learning my 1st grade stuff.. the following year..  I watched them in the Super Bowl in 2004... became a fan,, in my childhood, i grew and grew on them.. it solidified in 2008 when i watched double trouble GAPE the Bucs Live.. my first Panthers game.. what a night to solidify my fandom.. i received monday night tickets as a gift for getting all A's my 8th grade year...   since, ive seen a Panther great leave in DeAngelo.... but Stewart remained..   (some deangelo Highlights remain.. its OK, hes a panther great *turned sour*    but non the less)         i had SO MUCH PRIDE in our run game...  every madden i owned i made sure double trouble had their share...   and then there was Stewart.. the young, bouncy, fast guy... he turned tough...  he turned into a vet... a MoFo who will take YOU OUT.. carrying our ROCK along with CAM...     and Then, the best Expirience we have all experienced......    #2015     And i had so much pride, FINALLY.... Stewart was recognized......             A recoil year in 2016...            And I really believe there is a revival in 2017 of double trouble.......    #Fournette   except there isnt a dead roster... we have a Loaded roster, that will WIN...  winning with Cam Newton...  Stewart.. and ....         Let the Carolina GAPING run game live on folks...  I love the PAnthers like all of you... heres to 2017.