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Rookie FF team.. Thumbs up or down?

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I got pulled into doin FF this year, wanted your opinions on my draft..?

I've stayed away from FF on purpose, too much of a Homer. I did exclude all Bucs, Saints & Falcons. I did want Cam, Olsen & our D. Picked Gano just because & Tolbert with the last as my bench RB..

Just want a few thoughts from yous who like playin FF...

1- AJ Green

2- Cam

3- Reggie Bush

4- Torey Smith

5- Welker

Shonn Green

Greg Olsen

Anyone Boldin

Carolina D

Matt Staford

Brent Celek

Miles Austin

SAnDiego D


Mike Tolbert

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Honestly, you are gonna be in for a long season.


The position you want to draft early and often is running back.  The starting RB is going to get the most touches and have the chance to score the most touchdowns.


It looks like you have only one starting RB, and it's Reggie Bush.


Cam probably would have been available in rounds 3 and 4 as well.




But have fun with it. That is the whole point.  Keep an eye on the waiver wire when starting RB's get injured this season, then swoop in and pick them up.

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    • i just took this test again for shits and i got infj, whereas last year i got intj. so my thinking got flipped to feeling but it's still fairly close. other than that, i'm still an introvert but it went down from last year from 72% to 59%. i'm not really surprised because i got a job in nyc in the last year that has forced me to adapt to social interaction. other than that there were no massive changes though.
    • Jesus. A 3-4 OLB at #8? Two major off-field character concerns in the 2nd round? Another slow WR in the 3rd? Never. Gonna. Happen. There's at least a decent chance that his top three picks won't even be on our draft board. Gettleman has said numerous times in the past that guys who aren't scheme fits for us aren't on our draft board. There goes McKinley. Given our past with guys like Carruth and Hardy, there's zero chance that Mixon is on our board. Given Robinson's off-field issues involving a stolen gun, I'd say there's a better than average chance that he's not on our board either. You'd be hard pressed to come up with a more unrealistic mock draft for the Panthers if you set out to try to do just that.